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Hi everyone!
I hope you enjoyed your weekend and that it was a good one! Read the rest of this entry


Basia – The Sweetest Illusion (Deluxe Edition Album, 2016)

I’m excited about an album that I recently bought, it’s Basia’s 1994 album, “The Sweetest Illusion” deluxe edition, which was re-released last December 2016. Read the rest of this entry

Zumba – Baila Pa Emociona

Does anyone remember that fitness sensation called “Zumba” that came out a few years ago? Well I do, “Zumba” is a dance fitness programme that incorporates a lot of Brazilian and Latin style dance moves – great fun workouts!
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Matt Bianco – The Night Has Just Begun/ Jack Of Clubs

I have been a Matt Bianco fan since the 80’s. The band brought their jazz and Latin-flavoured music to the pop scene, and they had a number of hits including “Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed”, Half A Minute”,¬†Georgie Fame’s classic “Yeh Yeh” and more!


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