David Bowie TRACKS Interview May 1987


TRACKS Magazine May 1987


“I Feel Far Happier now in qualifying my work in some social context.” – David Bowie (May 1987)

A few days ago, I was looking through some of my old collections of music magazines from the 80s and 90s and I came across this particular mag from 1987 with David Bowie on the front cover.  This is a Woolworths music magazine called “TRACKS”, which, at the time, was given free when you bought music and videos from their stores.  In fact, I remember that most of the stores even gave these monthly magazines away even if you didn’t buy anything.  So, sometimes I would just go in the store and grab a few copies, which was a good thing!

Woolworths was a well-known general store since 1909.  In the UK, the company went into administration closing over 800 stores in 2009.  I miss their magazines, but I’m glad I kept some of them – the so-called pop magazines these days are very much lacklustre, and so is the music too.  In this “TRACKS” magazine, there is an interview with David Bowie, so, instead of me writing this interview down, I thought it would be great to do things a bit different and scan the pages for all fans!  So here is the Bowie interview in full for your reading pleasure – Just click on the pictures in the gallery and view it in full size, enjoy!  🙂

David Bowie (1947 -2016) R.I.P.


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