Songs That Took A Long Time To Get Used To.

This blog was written months ago and was due to be posted within the first two weeks of this month (Jan. 2016). I delayed my post due to the recent sad events – the passing of David Bowie, and now I have just read the sad news that English singer/musician Colin Vearncombe (aka Black) is in critical condition following a car accident over a week ago (10th Jan. 2016). I’m very sorry to hear of this sad news and would like to send positive thoughts and prayers to Colin and his family for a full and speedy recovery. X

For more information, and If you would like to send messages to Colin Vearncombe and his family, please visit Colin’s official website at

There are some great songs out there that are memorable and have become classics! However, there are some songs you never want to hear again, but then there are songs that you don’t quite like, but have grown on you over time. πŸ™‚ Well, here are few songs that took a long time to grow on me – see below! πŸ˜‰

Black – Wonderful Life (1987)

When the song “Wonderful Life” (sung by British singer Black (Colin Vearncombe)), first came out in the late 80’s, I didn’t want to hear it – one of the reasons was that it was dark in a way. Over the years “Wonderful Life” has been used in many adverts, and I kinda got used to it. Not too long ago I played the song from a compilation album and I was surprised that it sounds great!

David Bowie – Blue Jean (1984)

“Blue Jean” – an unusual song from David Bowie in 1984. To begin with, I didn’t like this track at all. I was expecting a great follow-up to the superb “Let’s Dance”, and was disappointed. Since then I forgot all about the song until In early 2000’s, when I got the David Bowie music video collection on DVD, and I loved the presentation and music quality.Β  I like Bowie as Screaming Lord Byron and the extended music video that accompanied the song.

Genesis – I Can’t Dance (1991)

Oh boy, where’s the music? Genesis made some great classic songs, but I don’t know happened with this track. “I Can’t Dance” sounds like the bare bones of a song striped down. When I first heard this track, I kinda felt Genesis was losing their way, and eventually they split up. Since Phil Collins left, Genesis has never really been the same.

Madonna – 4 Minutes (2008)

I call this hypnotic noise, but nowadays music is much worse than this – sad.


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